Business Orders

Are you looking to order for your staff, colleagues or clients? We can handle many of your business needs, whether it’s a thank you gift at Christmas for your hard-working employees or you want promotional items to help promote your brand, we have it covered!

With state-of-the art machinery, we can help facilitate yours or your clients needs. With high capacity and quick turnaround times, we can create a multitude of personalised and unique business gifts.

Choose from a range of luxurious and affordable items to suit every budget. We will work with you to help create your vision. We can even deliver each item to a separate address or straight to your office, workplace, school – you name it! We have an extensive range of existing gifts such as mugs, flasks, chocolate and more. However, if you have an idea or product in mind that we don’t already stock, just let us know and we are sure there is something we can provide. You can also send us items for us to personalise!

With a range of personalisation techniques, we are able to produce many items with the same logo for example or, a bespoke made item for each recipient with their name or wording of your choice! We create long lasting gift ideas using a range of methods including laser engraving, UV printing and heat press.

You’ll have the choice of plenty of eco-friendly corporate gift ideas so you know you’ll be supporting a better future with sustainable products available to you.

Check out one of our recent jobs below. We were approached to create hundreds of Engraved Knitting Needles for Mini UK! They were needed for an up-coming exhibition so we worked quickly with the client to help bring their vision to life! We were able to confirm the client was happy with the example we provided and get the project completed and dispatched within the same week, resulting in a very happy client and Mini UK all set for their brand new car launch!

If you’re looking for something similar, a bespoke project or you want to order in large quantities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact form below or email